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Davida Lattimore


CEO & Founder

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A Dayton native who has a huge place in her heart for Dance and entertainment. During my middle and high school years I attended performing art Schools, Stiver’s and Colonel White School for the Arts, were I took up dance.  In my adult years I was the assistant director for a community based Drill/Dance/Percussion Team, Legacy, where I assisted with leading the organization but coming up with choreography and connecting with the youth was what I liked best. Performing was always a dream of mine and I knew I would take this on as a profession but due to life changes I had to take another route. Although my plan didn’t go as I wanted it to, the passion never left and I’m happy to create a platform for others to pursue their dreams and showcase their talent.  Together with an awesome team, we plan to bring something to GEM city that millions will travel here to see.

Meet the Cast

Performers Bio 

Rachel Ard

Say hello to THEE Southern Belle herself, Ms. Rachel Ard. Originally from Jackson, MS, now residing in Huber Heights, Oh. Rachel has been dancing since the age of 7, where she participated in drill team and marching band from elementary to college. A graduate from Trotwood-Madison High school, who now attends Central State University where she studies Chemistry & Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics. Rachel aspires to take her dancing to great heights! From RUDE, to award shows, Broadway, to working with top choreographers and the biggest names in entertainment! Rachel has also dove into other ventures such as acting, from burlesque to silent movies, and even modeling. She intends to settle in LA where she plans on opening her own studio to teach choreography. 

Taylor Daniels

Taylor Daniels stage name “Tay Dan” Born and raised in Dayton/Trotwood Ohio, Im 24 years old, I've been dancing since the age of 10. In organizations such as Dance/Cheer America, Trotwood Madison High School TM4 Band for four years and even held head captain and an assistant coaching position for a local majorette/hiphop team in Chattanooga TN called (R.S.G)  Rah Spirit Gravity for three seasons. Dance has always been a passion of mine over the years I’ve learned about myself through dance and entertaining in pushing myself further to try new styles and get out my comfort zone not just in dance as well a person, My goals are to succeed in all I do I want to and will be starting heels&prop dance classes to provide a platform for women and even some men to come out, let go ready to have fun and bring out that inner sex appeal they think they don’t have or add more to what they do have and gain something out of my classes if it’s confidence, to feel sexy, just to come out and socialize with other women/men, to have fun as long as you leave with a great experience and come back for more will make my heart full. I also want to in 2019 and 2020 to travel more with my craft in L.A, NewYork, Atlanta and many more areas learning from other choreographers and taking more classes myself I feel you can never stop learning and perfecting your craft I want to pursue choreographing for others, being in major videos, concerts, productions working with big names like Nicole Kirkland and Aliya Janel & SheMeka Anne just to name a few and making a huge name for myself in the entertainment world with dancing, choreographing, vlogging my experiences ,fashion branding and more and to show people who have the same dream or dreams in general to keep pushing for what you love in life it's well worth it in the end.

Dae'Ja Hayden

Dae’Ja, or “Lil Daj” was born and raised here in Dayton, OH and has been actively dancing since the age of 4. Her first taste of dance began in Downtown Dayton learning the art of Ballet as well as Liturgical dance at DCDC ( Dayton Contemporary Dance Company ) for about 3 years. She then found a new love for Gymnastics once she started sitting in on her older cousin’s classes at Gymnastics For The Future in Englewood, OH where she specialized in floor routine, and balance beam. Next stop, cheerleading! Starting first at Trotwood Madison as a Wee Ram, Dae’Ja fell in love with cheering her teammates on and flipping up and down the football field. While still taking gymnastics classes at GFTF, Dae’Ja moved to Clayton where she started cheering with the Northmont Wee-Bolts where she discovered her passion for competition and putting on shows to make the crowd go wild. She continued to cheer throughout the years but unfortunately didn’t make the cheer team her freshman year of high school. With her mother worried she’d become inactive she encouraged Dae’Ja to become a part of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or SCLC Drill Team, this is where Dae’Ja discovered her love for theatrics. Already having a theatrical personality and using what she had learned throughout the years from dance and cheer she dominated drill. Coming in as a new dancer and being extremely young people doubted her until they saw her move. Within weeks she was promoted to Co-captain and eventually Captain of her team. Drill Team taught her discipline, and performing hard hitting routines to up beat tunes gave her confidence in every move she made with the help of her instructor Davida Lattimore.  Dae’Ja’s love for dance grew even more her freshman year at Wright State University where her cousin encouraged her to try out for Wright State’s hip hop dance team Wright Rhythm where she would perform and compete at different universities. Now, performing throughout the city of Dayton putting on amazing shows with R.U.D.E. (Respectfully Utilizing Dance and Entertainment) Dae’Ja has grown into another love, acting and even more theatrics.

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